Diesel Direct

Company Description

Diesel Direct is the transportation industry’s largest dedicated national mobile refueling company, servicing tens of thousands of trucks each day from a fleet of customized fueling trucks. Diesel Direct was founded in 1998 with the specific purpose of fueling fleet trucks where they are domiciled by bringing the fuel to them on-site when needed. The company was founded in Massachusetts and maintained its headquarters in Stoughton. Diesel Direct was built on the belief of servicing each customer’s needs and reliably fueling their fleets one gallon at a time. This is the key to their industry-leading customer service and long term successful relationships.

Today, Diesel Direct has evolved to manage all of the fueling needs of their clients, including supply, delivery, and fuel intelligence. As the industry’s leading technology innovation company, Diesel Direct has developed a state of the art proprietary end to the fuel management system which provides customers accurate and meaningful data to assist the management of their fuel consumption, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and meet the needs of continuously evolving business requirements. Diesel Direct provides services for total supply management, all on-site fueling and fuel intelligence control including tanks, disaster management, wheel to wheel Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) replenishment, marine fuel and specialized generator services.


Truck Stops & Fueling Stations

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